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It's not enough for a picture to simply be pretty. It must INSPIRE. It must feed your soul, swell your mind and arouse your body with senations... whether they be delightful or dreadful. You've got to be, in your essence, a little bit different after seeing it for the first time.


 I want my work to activate imagination. Broaden thinking. Probe feelings. Make souls ache for a good cause (ENRICHMENT PROGRAM). And especially, for my creative kin, to inspire the galvanization of their own path. My wish is to continue to create authentically and inspire a good heart in myself and others.


Love & Light,

Bodhi xx


Unique Fine Art Photographs.

Printed & finished with only the finest quality materials.

Opening Hearts + Horizons.

Connecting People + Places though images + Imagination.

Donating to the local region + communities from where the image was created.